Thursday 20 July 2023


You’ve spent up in the duty free, you’ve sunk a couple of vinos in the airport bar, and now you’re finally on your flight. I love that feeling of sitting in my seat and knowing that I'm headed somewhere hot and glorious - and nothing gets me ready for the adventure ahead better than a good old pamper on the plane. 

Im huge on self care, and indulging in a bit of a pamper whilst flying not only passes the time, but it also keeps you feeling fresh and looking fabulous ahead of touch-down. Winner, winner! 

Of course, we all know the rules when it comes to liquids on the plane, so we can’t take our entire wash bag into the cabin *sigh*, but there are still plenty of things we can do...

Aeroplane in sky

 In-Flight Beauty Travel Essentials & Ideas

1. Use a sheet mask 

Get set for sunnier skies with a sheet mask that will make you just as glowy as the sun itself. You can take these with you in your hand luggage, but there’s always a boots in the airport, so if you forgot to pack one, there’s no need to worry.

I love sheet masks, especially the Garnier Moisture Bomb Sakura Hydrating Sheet Mask, which provides an instant hit of hydration. If, however, you feel like splurging on something extra special, I recommend the Shangpree Cloudy Bubble Sheet Mask

2. Take your vitamins 

I’ve never been one to religiously take my vitamins - until recently that is. I guess I’ve always thought that as I eat healthily and I take care of my body, I don’t really need them. Wrong. So wrong! It could be the placebo effect, but I swear I feel so much better since taking my vits everyday. As a mum, anything that gives me a boost (within reason, of course) is more than welcome, and my vitamins are doing exactly that. 


3. Glow up with your LED face mask

My husband thinks I'm a lunatic with the things I do whilst flying - and he's probably right! - but I don’t worry about what anyone thinks, and that includes how they feel about bright red light radiating from my CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Face Mask. It’s a glow-up-on-the-go staple, and it comes everywhere with me. 

4. Pucker up with a lip mask 

There seems to be a bit of a common theme here (masks) but honestly, masks really are such a great thing to enjoy on the plane! 

I hate the way my lips dry up as a result of air conditioning systems on planes, and so a good quality lip mask keeps me v-happy indeed. I love the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Vanilla. This product is having a moment right now, but take it from me, the hype is justified.

Red glitter lips

5. Stay bright with eye gel pads 

I’m actually pretty new to this hype (apologies for being slow on the uptake), but I’m here now and when I say 'here', I mean I am seriously here for it. 

With their potent plumping properties, eye masks are perfect for regenerating the skin around the eyes, depuffing and minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

I’ve been super burnt out recently and my eyes have been the biggest tell-tale sign that I’m exhausted. I’ve got to say, though, the Florence by Mills Swimming Under the Eyes Gel Pads have worked wonders in camouflaging my burnt-out-looking self. Highly recommend. 

6. Drink lots of water 

Yes, you can still take your Starbucks on board - if anyone is going to stop uou joyfully slurping that vanilla iced latte, it won’t ever be me, honey. All I insist is that you sip plenty of H20, too. 

I know it’s not ideal needing a wee on the aeroplane, but it’s worth it when your complexion is a vision of youth and radiance when you touch down in paradise. Evian = the one. 

Glass of water

7. Apply your brow and lash serum

Decided against your usual lash extensions ahead of this trip? Perhaps you left booking that teeny bit too late. Either way, don’t worry. Lash and brow serum will strengthen, lengthen and lushify (apparently I make up words now) everything whilst you sit back with your head in the clouds, *literally*.

I love The Ordinary Multi-Peptide Lash and Brow Serum, but I'm a huge fan of Castor Oil, too, which happens to be super affordable and so effective.

I really hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I can't wait to be back here sharing more again with you very soon!

Lots of love,

Grace x


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