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For fair-skinned beauties that love to rock a faux glow, the reality of going on holiday is a bit of a weird one, really - because whilst everybody else is getting darker, their skin is actually getting lighter. 

Now, I do tan, but personally, I find tanning naturally to be more trouble than it’s worth. For me to go brown, I would have to burn first, which I find absolutely no pleasure in. Plus it’s so bad for the skin! 

So, I prefer to fake it, instead. 

Before jetting off on my holidays, I always whip out the St Tropez and give myself a good old pre-holiday glow-up. And it always makes me feel so much more confident when hitting the beach! 

The only trouble is, of course, that a fake tan wears off. And on holiday, the likes of chlorinated pools, salt water from the sea and increased sweating from the heat mean that my tan wears off much faster than it would nomally. 

So, how do you fake tan on holiday?  How do you make your fake tan look real on holiday? And what is the best fake tan to apply on holiday?

There are so many questions to answer - but don't worry, we'll cover it all right here.

Sharing everything you need to know about how to maintain fake tan on holiday, Below are my top tips on how to fake tan on holiday. I hope you enjoy! 

Top Tips For Fake Tanning On Holiday

1. Gently exfoliate every day 

Environmental factors such as the pool, sea and the heat in general will most certainly decrease the longevity of your fake tan. It is what it is. But, if you’re a fake tan trooper and you’re determined to maintain that faux glow for the duration of your vaycay, then I would advise you to gently exfoliate your skin every single day. 

St Tropez do a lovely gentle body scrub - St Tropez Prep & Maintain Body Polish - that’s great for sloughing away those dead skin cells and any grime lurking on the surface of the skin, and it always leaves the skin feeling super soft. 

It’s no secret that soft, well-exfoliated skin poses the perfect base for a five-star fake tan, so be sure to pack some gentle body scrub, as well as some exfoliating gloves. It's so easy to remove fake tan with exfoliating gloves, and they're super affordable.

2. Moisturise before you go to bed

During the day, you’ll be lathered up in sun cream, which is great - but make no mistake, that doesn’t take away the importance of moisturising in the evening.

The sun dries our skin out, which is why on holiday in particular, it’s essential that we’re hydrating our skin and keeping everything super soft and supple.

And of course, as any seasoned fake tanner will know, if you want to know how to make fake tan look natural, then the ultimate key to success is having soft, moisturised skin.

Dry skin is never a good look, but when you fake tan, the likes of knees, elbows, wrists and ankles can look particularly unsightly. 

Wondering what is the best moisturiser to use with fake tan? I love the St Tropez Prep & Maintain Tan Enhancing Moisturiser. It's completely oil-free, which means it won't break down your tan.

3. Shade bathe

The feeling of those warm, sunny rays touching our skin is (when you’re otherwise stuck with rain - shout out to all the Manchester folk reading this blog post) is just amazing. 

But, unfortunately, UV is just as bad for our fake tan as it is our actual skin. So, unless you want your tan to break up prematurely, then my advice would be to shade bathe wherever possible.

I know this one isn’t exactly easy - after all, most of us do go on holiday in search of better weather - but if your faux glow is something you take seriously, then sitting under a parasol and giving your skin a break from the sun isn’t a bad idea. 

4. Top up every couple of days 

I tend to tan just once a week these days, but if you’re wondering how often to reapply fake tan - and more specifically, how often should you put fake tan on on holiday - then my advice would be to top up every two days or so. 

The various different factors that decrease the longevity of your fake tan whilst on holiday mean that reapplying more frequently is a must. 

If you’re wondering what the best fake tan to use on holiday is, for me, it’s got to be the St Tropez purity range. The colourless formula makes this tan particularly natural-looking, and the fact that it goes on clear but soon develops into a gorgeous golden tan almost makes it feel like you’re getting a real tan - without the need for those harmful UV rays. It’s just amazing! 

My St Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Gel  and St Tropez Purity Bronzing Water Face Mist will most certainly be coming to Portugal with me. If you'd like to know more about the St Tropez Purity collection, then be sure to take a look at my blog post 'How I Use The St Tropez Purity Range.'

5. Avoid tight fitting clothing 

And finally, another tip of mine would be to steer clear of tightly-fitting clothes. 

It’s probably unlikely that you’ll be wearing your skinny jeans whilst on holiday, but I’m any case, if you were planning on rocking some super figure-hugging garments, then it might be worth reconsidering your holiday outfit choices. 

Having the confidence to showcase your silhouette is fabulous, but anything that fits very tightly to your body can cause your fake tan to rub off in unsightly patches. 

To be honest, if you’re keeping your tan in check and your following my advice on how to maintain fake tan, you shouldn’t need to worry too much about this - but it’s still worth noting, major in case.

And that’s just about it! 

I really hope you all enjoyed this blog post and I can’t wait to share more with you all very soon. 

Lots of love,

Grace x 


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