Monday 14 August 2023


From lack of sleep to obsessively touching our faces and binging on sweet (annoyingly scrumptious) treats, there are quite literally an endless list of reasons as to why we could be breaking out - which can make things incredibly frustrating. If we could pin-point that one, precise thing that's making our skin mad at us, we'd have a much easier job fixing the problem. Unfortunately, identifying that annoying little perpetrator can be very bloomin' tricky...

The good news is that if you are breaking out, or you do suffer from problematic skin, there are things that you can avoid to prevent the problem becoming worse - or better yet, prevent your skin from breaking out altogether (woohoo!)

So, what should you avoid when you're breaking out? And how do you treat acne prone skin? Whether it's blackheads, whiteheads or painful under the skin spots that are making you miserable,  I'm here to help.

5 things you should avoid when breaking out

1. Dairy

The naturally occurring sugars and whey in dairy can wreak havoc on our skin - and while this isn't the case for everyone, if you are somebody that struggles with acne or breakouts, eliminating dairy - or reducing your dairy consumption - may just help. 

There are now lots of brilliant dairy free alternatives to choose from, so if - like me - you'd be lost without your daily latte, you don't need to give it up.

2. Face touching

Our hands come into contact with a lot of bacteria throughout the day, and even if you wash your hands frequently (something we should all do), touching your face can be a huge contributor when it comes to acne. Any bacteria or germs on our fingertips or hiding under our fingernails is unwittingly transferred to our face when we touch it - even if only for a brief moment - which can result in unsightly breakouts.

3. Heavy moisturiser

We should never skip moisturiser in our skincare routine; even those with oily or acne prone skin should use moisturiser every day. However, if you do suffer from spots, it might be a good idea to ditch those heavier creams and swap them for lighter formulas. Heavy moisturisers - especially those containing oils - can quickly clog up pores. As a solution, reach for non-comedogenic creams and oils, as these will keep your skin supple and hydrated without causing spots.

4. Too much sun

As well as accelerating the ageing process and increasing the risk of skin cancer, too much sun can also lead to breakouts, too. UV damage can drastically worsen redness and inflammation, so be sure to always wear SPF and a sun hat to help protect your skin.

5. Dehydration

Dehydrated skin is compromised skin. When we don't drink as much, our skin's natural barrier towards debris and grime is weakened, making it easier for spot-causing bacteria to have its wicked way. So, if you haven't already, now's the time to invest in a big water bottle and chug away.

6. Unwashed pillowcases

Okay, so this one sounds a little bit gross - but it's something that we're actually all guilty of to some extent. Well, most of us, anyway. The majority of us wash our pillowcases once per week, but if you're someone that suffers with breakouts, it's well worth switching your pillowcases more frequently. Our pillowcases are in direct contact with our skin - as well as any products on our skin - for around eight hours every night, allowing ample time to absorb bacteria and oils. 

7. Alcohol

A glass of Prosecco every now and again isn't going to make a great deal of difference to how our skin looks and feels, but the overconsumption of alcohol can seriously impact our complexions. Alcohol hinders our liver's detoxing abilities and generally speaking, it's also pretty high in sugar, too. So, if you want your skin to glow gorgeously, steer clear of the cocktails - or at least be sure to chug plenty of H20, too.

If you avoid these seven things, then it's highly likely that you will see an improvement in the clarity and texture of your skin. Needless to say, this can't be said for everyone as the likes of hormonal breakouts are much more difficult to fix, but it may still be worth making some of the above changes. 

I really hope you all enjoy this blog post and I can't wait to share more with you soon.

Lots of love,

Grace x


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